Top in cable protection

Cables and tubes for electricity, water, gas, telephone, data and so forth lie right under our feet in a dense, highly valuable and sometimes vulnerable network. To protect this vital network, PION provides top quality in all respects with innovative products, expertise and practical advice, with the ambition to always apply the most appropriate solution. PION Kunststoffen is a specialist supplier of a very extensive range, including drawing pits, cable ducting, warning tape, cable protection covers, divisible pipes and other cable protection. We know the local and international market well and have surrounded ourselves with a wide network of reliable suppliers. This enables us to deliver solid products that are suitable for virtually any situation.

Support and guidance with projects
Companies responsible for construction are increasingly given a free hand in the development and implementation of projects and they are also regularly given responsibility for a specific maintenance period. It is important to be able to count on the support of a specialist from an early stage already. PION presents itself as a partner with a critical eye in this development phase and we are always willing to provide solutions. With a view to aspects such as innovation, sustainability, quality and ease of installation, we are always assisting in the quest to find the most desirable and affordable solutions, which also incorporates the implementation and logistics. During the implementation phase PION observes a careful process of matching and completion with all stakeholders.

Flexible and reliable PION Kunststoffen has very extensive experience in the durable protection of cables, including cables for energy, railways roads, defence, and telecommunications projects. We always strive to find the best solutions in collaboration with our customers. We consider a flexible attitude and reliability to be key concepts, so that we can live up to our motto 'Capable in Cable Protection' each and every day.